Acceptance of Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd in the energy exchange and supply of products in the international ring

The Iran Energy Exchange (IRENEX) as the fourth official exchange of Iran, was established on 2012/06/07 with the permission of the Supreme Council of Stock Exchange and Securities and started its activity under the supervision of the Organization and Stock Exchange of Securities.

This exchange is a commodity exchange that allows the transactions of energy carriers (including oil, gas, electricity and other energy carriers) and securities based on the mentioned commodities. In the Iran Energy Exchange, similar to other exchanges, there are a large number of buyers and sellers who make it possible to reach balanced prices of energy carriers by trading in a competitive environment.

Which companies have the right to trade in the energy exchange?

The acceptance and supply of goods in the energy exchange by real and legal persons requires the presentation of documents and evidence to verify their identity and assess their readiness.

Accordingly, suppliers will have the opportunity to trade in the exchange if they have a reliable track record in the commodity market of acceptance and have been approved by the acceptance board or the supply committee of the energy exchange by providing commitments of the acceptance guidelines.”

The benefits of trading in the Iran Energy Exchange

The Iran Energy Exchange, with a comprehensive regulatory framework for acceptance and supervision, facilitates transactions and creates the following benefits for the participants of this market.
  • The possibility of supplying the required goods through a transparent mechanism
  • The existence of standard and specific contracts as well as guaranteeing the standard and quality of the goods traded in the exchange
  • Reducing the risks of transactions, such as the risk of non-fulfillment of obligations by the parties
  • The possibility of discovering fair prices according to the supply of goods by the applicant
  • No need to hold tenders or auctions and their related formalities
  • Reducing transaction costs for customers compared to trading outside the exchange (including contract, marketing, and other costs)
  • The possibility of covering risk and supplying the required goods for consumers for different periods of time

Acceptance of Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd
in the energy exchange and supply of products in the international ring

Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd Company, with a history of activity and compliance with national and international standards in product production, was accepted by the supply committee of the energy exchange on 2023/05/31.

From this date, the company’s products, including light and heavy hydrocarbons, are offered and traded in the standard market in the “international ring” board of “other energy carriers” “physical market” of the energy exchange.