Demercaptanized South Pars gas condensate

South Pars gas condensates de-mercaptanized is one of the products of Petrorefining Nik Yazd company. These condensates are de-mercaptanized through a process that is different from the methods used in refineries. With the launch of this process with the patent number 13871, light and heavy mercaptan compounds present in gas condensates, which in addition to corroding refining equipment and facilities, are one of the environmental pollution factors due to their high volatility, are converted to stable, non-corrosive and non-volatile compounds.

In addition, this process will lead to the production of sweet gas condensate product with high quality and added value much higher than sour gas condensates. A very important point that should be considered is that in the de-mercaptanization process ((sour South Pars gas condensates)), the amount of mercaptan changes while other properties of South Pars gas condensates such as distillation range, vapor pressure, density, color and total sulfur are constant.

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Mercaptans are a type of organic sulfides that are widely present in petroleum products. Mercaptan compounds are known according to the size of the hydrocarbon chain attached to them from mercaptan 1C to mercaptan 4C and higher. Therefore, they are called light or heavy mercaptans. The presence of mercaptan in the product reduces the quality of the final product, due to the high level of mercaptan in South Pars gas condensates and the emission of unpleasant odor during land transportation and during the distillation process and creating environmental problems, Petrorefining Nik Yazd company has established a mercaptan conversion unit in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (Asaluyeh) to protect the natural and human environment.

Therefore, the feed required for refining, after performing the activities related to mercaptan conversion and removing the unpleasant odor from the hydrocarbon components in Asaluyeh site, is transferred to the main unit in Yazd. The amount of mercaptan is measured according to the international standard ASTM D3227 and the national standard INSO 9379. The maximum amount of mercaptan in de-mercaptanized South Pars gas condensates can be 100 ppm. While the amount of mercaptan in sour South Pars gas condensates without de-mercaptanization process is in the range of 1900-2400 ppm.

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