Solvent 402 of Petrorefining Nik Yazd

Solvent 402 of Petrorefining Nik Yazd with code 64742-88-7 is one of the high-quality products of Petrorefining Nik Yazd company, which is produced for the consumers of this product using the up-to-date refinery facilities and with high quality.

Solvent 402 is used as a solvent for extraction, solvent in cosmetics and hygiene products, solvent in paint and lacquer thinners, degreaser for metal surfaces, printing compound and in rubber and plastic industries. The mentioned cases are only part of the applications of solvent 402.

White Spirit | code 64742-88-7

The general specifications of solvent 402 of Petrorefining Nik Yazd with code 64742-88-7 are briefly stated in the table below, which will be followed by more comprehensive explanations about the parameters. Translate to English.

parameter Unite International Standard National Standard
Distillation °C ASTM D86 INSO 6261
Density kg/m3 ASTM D1298 INSO 197
Color number ASTM D156 INSO 2932
Corrosiveness to Copper ۳ h@50°C ASTM D130 ISIRI 336
 Flash point (closed Cup) °C ASTM D93 INSO 19695
Aromatics Vol% ASTM D1319/6730 ISIRI 8403


The simplest and most common method of separation for two or more liquids with different boiling points is distillation. The method used by Petrorefining Nik Yazd company for separating complex components to produce solvent 402 is vacuum distillation, in which evaporation begins when the pressure drops and reaches the vapor pressure of the solution at a low temperature. For the analysis of solvent 402 produced by Petrorefining Nik Yazd, the simple batch distillation method has been used, which has two important points that play a role in pricing and product selection: initial boiling point or lowest boiling point (IBP) and final boiling point or highest boiling point (FBP), which are the final results of this test. Translate to English.

IBP: 143 °C
FBP: 198 °C

These boiling points should have an IBP in the range of 142-158 °C and an FBP of maximum 220 °C according to the standard, which indicates the high quality of solvent 402 of Petrorefining Nik Yazd with code 64742-88-7


The density of a substance is its mass per unit volume at 15 degrees Celsius, which is expressed in the standard unit of kilograms per cubic meter. One of the indicators of quality assessment and selection of solvent 402 is its density. The result of the test performed at 15 degrees Celsius on the density of solvent 402 of Petrorefining Nik Yazd is 779 kilograms per cubic meter, which according to the standardization should be at least 775 kilograms per cubic meter. The number obtained from the test shows the high quality of solvent 402 of Petrorefining Nik Yazd.

Flash point

Flash point is one of the basic indicators for controlling the flammability of materials, which is the temperature at which an oil product in atmospheric pressure, using an ignition source, causes instantaneous flame of the vapors resulting from the material. This should be given more attention in maritime transport. The flash point of solvent 402 of Petrorefining Nik Yazd has been measured by the closed cup method, which is 38 degrees Celsius. As a standard, this number can be at least 35 degrees Celsius for solvent 402.


The color of oil products is considered a very important quality parameter, because this parameter is an indicator of the degree of purity and this is important because it is easily observed by the buyer, which is one of the positive points of solvent 402 of Petrorefining Nik Yazd company. The produced solvent is a transparent and colorless liquid, which has a color number according to the standard in the range of (25-30). According to the announced result, the color number of the produced solvent 402 is 25, which indicates the very high quality of the product.

Corrosiveness to Copper

Copper strip corrosion test for petroleum products such as jet fuel, motor gasoline and other hydrocarbons that have a vapor pressure of less than 18 psi can be performed, which indicates the corrosiveness of petroleum products. This parameter is measured at 50 degrees Celsius and ranges from 1a (lowest corrosion) to 4c (highest corrosion), which is announced according to the following figure. The test result on the product of solvent 402 of Petrorefining Nik Yazd at 50 degrees Celsius is a1.


White spirit solvents are a group of hydrocarbon solvents that are divided into two categories of high aromatic and low aromatic based on the percentage of aromatics present in them and have a specific smell according to the amount of aromatic. Solvent 402 is part of the white spirit solvents that falls into the low aromatic category. The molecules present in this hydrocarbon mixture have between 7 and 12 carbon atoms in their structure and this solvent has different smells depending on the amount of aromatic compounds. Solvent 402 produced by Petrorefining Nik Yazd company has a mild smell and its aromatic components percentage is 17%, which according to the standardization can be up to 20%. The percentage of aromatic components of solvent 402 of Petrorefining Nik Yazd indicates the high quality of the product produced by this company.

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