Strategic location
Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd Company

One of the most important issues in international trade and export of goods is their transportation to the buyer’s country. As an importer, you need to consider different production companies and groups in terms of geographical location and transportation infrastructure in that area, according to the destination countries and the type of goods, to ensure the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the transportation method.

Therefore, choosing the most suitable transportation method is important because it prevents damage to the owner’s interests and makes it possible for the goods to reach their destination as soon as possible. Considering that petroleum products cannot be transported by air, land and sea transportation methods will be very important.

Developing exports and entering competitive global markets are among the plans of Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd Company and in this regard, it has succeeded in obtaining international standards and was honored to receive the title of exemplary exporter in 2019. This company is located in the special economic zone of Yazd province (10 kilometers from Yazd city) and its production and export affairs are carried out in this area.

Definition of special economic zones

Special economic zones are areas that are established for the purpose of supporting economic activities, establishing international trade relations, mobilizing regional economy, producing and processing goods, transferring technology, non-oil exports, creating productive employment and attracting and encouraging domestic and foreign investment, re-exports, foreign transit and transfer of goods (transshipment) within a limited area of the mainland and have the following characteristics:

According to the law, special economic zones are not considered part of the country’s customs territory and their trade with outside the country or with other free and special zones are not subject to the restrictions and prohibitions of export and import regulations and are exempt from customs duties, commercial profits and all fees for entry and exit under any title.

These areas enjoy special legal facilities in the fields of export and import of goods, employment, insurance and social security, investment and registration, issuance of licenses for economic activities, presence of foreign nationals, bank, insurance and etc. Also, these areas have infrastructure facilities such as airport, railway, main roads and other infrastructure required for investment.. They have a strategic geographical location

Special Economic Zone

The special economic zone of Yazd was approved in an area of 570 hectares in 2000 based on the clause 25 of the second development plan law by the Supreme Council of Free Trade-Industrial Zones and Yazd Industrial Towns Company was appointed as the responsible for the mentioned zone.

The special economic zone of Yazd is considered as an advantage for the buyers of petroleum products in terms of location and facilities for customs clearance, providing necessary services and ease of clearance by the customs of the zone. The customs of this zone has all the export licenses and operates as an independent customs in the central region of Iran.

Also, the special economic zone of Yazd has a special geopolitical position as a stable axis of national security and some of its specific location advantages are as follows:

  • Being located in the center of the country and in the corridors (north-south) and (east-west)
  • Adjacent to the two-lane transit road Tehran-Bandar Abbas
  • Adjacent to the national railway lines
  • Adjacent to the international airport of Yazd
  • Adjacent to the industrial town of Yazd
  • Adjacent to the provincial center

The main destination of export products of Yazd province

Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd Company, with regard to the infrastructure facilities of the special economic zone of Yazd, has no obstacles and difficulties in transportation and is proud to be able to enter the global markets and export to neighboring and non-neighboring countries.
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Pakistan
  • Syria
  • Georgia
  • Oman
  • Tajikistan
  • Azerbaijan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Armenia
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • Kazakhstan