Demercaptan product

Generally, organic compounds extracted from underground sources have high amounts of mercaptans. Mercaptans are a type of organic sulfides that have a very unpleasant and offensive odor, cause corrosion and toxicity for living organisms and the environment, and reduce the final product quality.

Different groups of mercaptans consist of the most toxic and volatile ones (methyl and ethyl mercaptan with low molecular weight) to heavy mercaptans (with branched hydrocarbon chain). Due to the corrosive nature of these substances and their side effects on refining facilities and also their toxicity, mercaptans are among the first substances that are tried to be purified and refined in refineries.

The feedstock used by Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd Company is gas condensate extracted from South Pars gas field, which contains high amounts of harmful compounds from various types of mercaptans (RSH).

In order to solve this problem, Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd Company has taken steps to develop new and environmentally friendly mercaptan removal processes, which has led to the development and commissioning of a gas condensate mercaptan removal unit by its research and development team and also obtaining a patent certificate for this new and environmentally friendly process.

Patent registration

Finally, the patent of Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd Company with the title “Batch process for demercaptanization of gas condensate” with the number 104966 was registered on 2023/07/05 in the National Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties.”

Location and capacity of the demercaptanization unit

Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd Company

The demercaptanization unit of Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd Company is located in Bidkhoun area in Fens of Pars Special Economic Energy Zone and within the loading platform of phases 6, 7, and 8 of South Pars gas field and was established in 2023 with the aim of connecting the pipeline to the gas condensate feedstock. The capacity of this mercaptan removal unit is 5000 barrels of gas condensate per day.”

The process used in the demercaptanization unit

Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd Company

The process of mercaptan removal of gas condensate in Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd is carried out in a tank in a batch mode at ambient temperature and pressure (maximum temperature of 35°C) and in the presence of different catalysts. In this process, light mercaptans are removed and heavy mercaptans are converted to disulfides by using catalysts.

Catalytic oxidation of mercaptans in the presence of catalysts is the most important method of refining petroleum products from mercaptans, in which mercaptan compounds are converted to heavier, odorless and non-toxic disulfide compounds. The results of research show that this process has a high capability for reducing the amount of mercaptan compounds from gas condensate and makes the reduction of mercaptan possible up to environmental and international standards.