Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd Company has always put customer orientation as its main principle and all departments of this company act in accordance with this organizational culture in a way that always tries to respond and interact maximally with its current and potential customers by using communication channels and making the most of the capacity of social networks.

In addition to the mentioned cases, in order to position itself appropriately as a customer-oriented economic enterprise, the satisfaction level of customers and audiences of this field is measured and monitored in different time intervals in the form of online surveys, which by following up on customers’ opinions, one can always keep an eye on one’s quality and efficiency.

Considering that in today’s competitive environment, the sales point in reputable companies is the starting point of service delivery to customers, paying attention to this important point causes the identification of customers’ needs and also by taking the market output, we are informed of the current market trend and take steps in the path of efficient research and development.

The continuation of this process is only possible if the company always relies on its established organizational knowledge, because keeping records of services and needs of customers and audiences facilitates re-access and provides twice as much speed and efficiency in serving dear customers, and any interaction they have with the company requires recognition, documentation and registration.

Therefore, Petro Palayesh Nik Yazd Company provides an excellent experience to its customers by establishing CRM automation, which has many advantages for the audiences, and some of the most important ones are high information exchange speed and effective planning and follow-up.

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